Our Training Center continues today as a pacesetter on Powder coating technology

Powder coating Training Center

Our Training Center continues today as a pacesetter in helping Engineering, Diploma students, PUC, 10th Students getting trained on Powder coating technology. The basic objective is to raise the potential of the student by sharing the application of principles of technical skills for achieving their career success.

We offer vocational training opportunities in exciting fields which embrace the technical needs of Engineering and Diploma students. At KOLORS CORP, we’re always looking for fresh talent to cultivate. This learner-centered training keeps the students abreast of technology updates.

  • This intensive four day course seeks to provide a clear understanding of all aspects of powder coating technology. The course includes an insight into setting up a powder coating plant, Powder coating process, Testing. Quality assurance and related topics. Particular emphasis is given to coating selection, outdoor exposure, corrosion resistance and costs benefits associated with Powder Coating.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental issues are covered for both manufacturing and application processes.
  • The course includes a one-day practical session at a nearby coating installation, where there will be opportunities to apply coating powders, understand application parameters, and test coatings in production conditions.
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